• Amelia Ford

The book with no name is nearly finished!

My new book is nearly ready and should be available early next year, the only problem is it doesn't have a title yet! I'm working on it, with the help of my readers. I hope to be able to reveal the title and it's cover before Christmas. It is quite different to the Tagan Series, there are no hot alpha aliens, portals or other worlds, however there is a hot, tortured soul in the shape of Jon Davies, a reclusive, internationally acclaimed artist who, thanks to a terrible happening in his past, has shut himself off from the outside world as a form of self-punishment. Enter Annie Greene, a naïve and equally troubled, newby journalist who sets out to get an interview with the esteemed artist as she believes it will help to prove herself in her new job, but Jon Davies doesn’t do interviews. Or at least he didn’t until he met Annie. He bargains with her and to her horror, she finds herself agreeing. Both Annie and Jon have dark secrets which have left them broken. Annie is coming to terms with hers, but Jon has a long way to go, that is if he can ever consider a normal life. Somehow, they find each other’s company balm to their battered souls and their wounds begin to heal until Annie does something unspeakable in Jon’s eyes and he severs all contact. Annie is stronger than she thought and out of love for Jon decides to try and help bring him out of his self-enforced exile with disastrous consequences. Or at least, that’s what it seems like at first...



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