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For those of you who like a book, book.

I have spent much of my time this year revising my original two books, adding over 30 new chapters to what is now a four book series which has received over 350 5 star reviews and counting! I have a fabulous designer who has designed the front covers and I have to say the new paperbacks are looking gorgeous on my bookshelf!

So, for those of you who like to hold a book in your hands, physically turn the pages and even sink your nose into it to have a good sniff :) here are the links to the paperback:

Tagan's Child - US

Tagan's Child - UK

Books 2 and 3 in the series will be available in paperback very shortly and book 4 will be out later this summer, so watch this space!

I am always looking for new readers to join my review team, so if you have enjoyed the Tagan series and would like to receive my books in advance of publication please drop me a quick email via my contacts page.

Right, back to writing, but not before I stand in the fridge for a bit! It's the summer solstice today and promises to be the hottest day for over a hundred years here in Kent!



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