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TC3 now available for pre-order - plus sneak peak!

I have been working very hard over the last few months and I am delighted to say that Tagan's Chase, Book 3 in The (revised) Tagan's Series will be available everywhere from Thursday, April 6th 2017!

If you would like to pre-order it, head on over to my 'Books' page where it will be available for half price for a very limited time. Unfortunately, it is not available for pre-order on Amazon, however, you will be able to purchase it from April 6th.

Here is a little exclusive sneak peak to keep you going until then...

'Chapter 1

“You can open your eyes now,” Elaya said, with a hint of uncertainty.

“Ihrranna,” her mother breathed, clearly overcome by emotion.

“You look so beautiful,” I said, echoing Belayne Elessar’s appraisal.

Elaya stood in front of us in her wedding dress. “I don't look too tall?” she asked as she turned around.

“Don't be ridiculous.” I looked at the woman who over the last two years had become one of my closest friends. She was the epitome of refined elegance. In her heels, she was at least six foot two and she towered above me. Women her height were not unusual here in Ramia and I couldn't understand where her sudden lack of confidence had come from. After all, her height was of little consequence when the man she was marrying was a good six inches taller. There was no doubt that she looked absolutely stunning.

Her dress was the most delicate cream with a fitted bodice made from the finest silk. It clung to her hips and then dropped to the floor in elegant folds, pooling at her feet. The neckline swept from one shoulder to the other emphasising her incredible bone structure and beautiful beading created a waistband accentuating her figure. A swathe of fabric formed a long train, which was attached at the shoulders and hid a plunging backline. Her hair was much longer than when I had first met her and it was styled in a chignon, adorned with a cluster of orchids, exactly matching the colour of her dress. I stepped towards her, and careful not to smudge her freshly applied make-up, kissed her cheek. The last two years had not been easy for either of us and I couldn’t have been more happy to see Elaya stood here about to marry the man she had lost her heart to.

“You wait until Tigor sees you, he is going to think he's the luckiest man alive.”

“He is the luckiest man alive,” she said, with a wink that was at odds with the elegant picture she presented, but so part of what I had come to love about her. Elaya was a loyal friend and one of mine and Ahran's most vociferous supporters, especially where their father was concerned. Over the last year, Driscan Elessar and I had come to a mutually awkward alliance, he was really no closer to accepting me as Ahran's girlfriend, but after not speaking to his son for over a year, he had come to a reluctant acquiescence after persistent coaching from his gentle, magnanimous wife. He and I exchanged pleasantries when necessary, but I was pretty sure he lived in hope that the portal, which I travelled through a little less frequently these days, would grant him his wish and swallow me up!

Belayne snapped out of her happy trance and kissed Elaya on the cheek. “No mother could be more proud of their daughter than I am of you,” she said, softly.

I could feel tears welling up as I looked at them both. Elaya's mother was just as elegant in a beautifully cut pale grey suit, her own beauty still very much in evidence.

“I'm going to leave you two girls to finish getting ready and tell the High Priestess that you won't be long.”

“I haven't had my make-up done yet,” I said, feeling slightly panicked. It was the first time Ahran and I had seen each other for a couple of weeks and I was excited, but also rather nervous. I had allies in the royal household, yet there were still members of the royal court who were suspicious of anything Sapien. As far as they were concerned I was an outsider and, therefore, a potential threat to their world.

“Don't worry Sophe.” Which sounded more like “Soff” in her accented English. I liked that she had shortened my name; it was what my best friend Bennie called me. “Let's have a glass of Hyorsa whilst Teela does your make up. I need it to help calm my nerves.”

Elaya was the most confident and sorted person I knew, but standing in front of an audience of Ramia's most noble and distinguished, with the man she had chosen over and above her father's wishes, scared the bejesus out of her. She had confided in me not so long ago that there was a part of her that wished they could have eloped and got married on the quiet, but she knew it would have broken her mother's heart and denied her Aunt Leylana the opportunity of throwing a royal wedding.

I sat at the dressing table with my face upturned towards the gifted Teela as she began to apply foundation across my cheeks.

“Here,” Elaya said, handing me a champagne flute. I blindly reached out and took the glass she offered. “It will be your turn one day,” she said with an air of promise.'



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