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A (self-published) writer's work is never done.

How can it be over two weeks since this website went live? The rate at which the weeks go round frightens me sometimes. Has time sped up or have the sands of time always been this fast? Trouble is, its our lives that are whizzing by at this speed! If anyone comes up with a way of stopping the clock for a while, be sure to let me know!

Okay, so a bit of an update on what's been going on in the world of Amelia Ford Author since I last posted. Thank you to everyone who liked and shared my facebook post advertising this website, the support and loyalty I receive from my readers always staggers me. I am pleased to announce that Jerilynn Rodriguez won the £25 Amazon gift card. There will be other offers and giveaways coming up soon so check on here or on my facebook page at if you want to take part.

My graphic designer and I have been working on the new book cover for the revised version of Tagan's Child bk 2. I whittled it down to two final designs and ran a poll with a group of my readers to see which they preferred. It was a fifty/fifty split between the two covers, so I guess it's down to me to make a decision on the final cover. I have also been working on the new revisions to Tagan's Child and have been loving every minute! It's like catching up with old friends. Other than some minor changes I have added some new material to one of the early chapters so far, and am really pleased with how it's going. I often think that I chose the right path when I chose the self-publishing route because I'm not sure a traditional publisher would allow me to do what I'm doing with a book I've already released. I am master of my own destiny and it feels good.

When I'm not writing I'm keeping up to date with my readers on social media or marketing my books. It's amazing what I've learnt since I first published Tagan's Child; writing the book was the easy bit! But even though it has been a steep learning curve, it's been an enjoyable one. Writing will always be what I enjoy most, but marketing has been really fun. It does mean however, that my work as a writer is never done because when I'm satisfied with the writing for the day I check in on FB, answer reader emails and plan and arrange book advertising. The world of publishing is changing so fast that there has never been a better time for writers than now, and for writers with a bit of grit and determination the opportunities have never been so abundant. Did you know that self-published authors take up 46% of the market share after traditionally published authors? Trad publishers watch-out! Exciting times.



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