Tagan's Change, Book 2

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“The writing flows and is well-paced.  There are moments of emotional intensity to grip and surprise – This is a great series!”


After finding the courage to choose what Sophie thinks is the right path, things don’t pan out quite as she expected.

All Sophie can do now is wait.  She has no idea whether she will see her nephew again, but believes that having made such a heart-wrenching decision will at least have saved her some pain and sorrow in the future.  However, what Sophie thinks is the end is really only the beginning, and when the truth is finally exposed, neither she nor Ahran realise just how much of a test they are yet to face.

This adrenaline-fuelled adventure continues, following Ahran and Sophie in their quest to defy their enemies whilst wrestling their own inner battles.  When the odds are set against you, is love really enough?

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