***Important Note For Readers of The Original Series pre 2017***

The Tagan Series has been revised!  The two original books Tagan's Child 1st edition and Tagan's Chance 1st edition are no longer available.  The original books have been split into four, revised and new chapters added, so the Tagan Series is now bigger and better than ever!

If you already have a copy of the first edition of Tagan's Child (purchased through Amazon) and would like the updated version click here.

If you have read the original series and can provide proof of purchase message me via the Contact page and I will send you the links to download the (revised) books 1-3 free of charge.

Tagan's Child - Book 1 in the Tagan series - Second Edition

"Beautifully written, lovable, intriguing characters and vivid scene setting."


She is a young woman trying to put the tragedy of her past behind her.  He is a modern- day warrior with a promise to fulfil. Two people thrown together even though their worlds couldn’t be further apart.


When Sophie McAllister finds a handsome stranger on her doorstep nothing can prepare her for the news he is about to deliver.  What follows is the disintegration of a life she has carefully rebuilt.  When catastrophe strikes, she is left with little choice other than to put her trust in Ahran Elessar, her mysterious visitor who harbours an extraordinary secret.  Together they embark on a journey that not only threatens everything she holds dear, but also challenges her innermost fears.  Does Sophie have the courage to defy her enemies, face her demons and open her heart to a man who promises a future that is out of this world?


An enthralling tale of love, loss and courage set against an exotic backdrop of far flung places, vengeful enemies and hidden dangers.

Tagan's Change - Book 2 in the Tagan series

“The writing flows and is well-paced.  There are moments of emotional intensity to grip and surprise – This is a great series!”


After finding the courage to choose what Sophie thinks is the right path, things don’t pan out quite as she expected.

All Sophie can do now is wait.  She has no idea whether she will see her nephew again, but believes that having made such a heart-wrenching decision will at least have saved her some pain and sorrow in the future.  However, what Sophie thinks is the end is really only the beginning, and when the truth is finally exposed, neither she nor Ahran realise just how much of a test they are yet to face.

This adrenaline-fuelled adventure continues, following Ahran and Sophie in their quest to defy their enemies whilst wrestling their own inner battles.  When the odds are set against you, is love really enough?

Tagan's Chase - Book 3 in the Tagan Series.


For the past two years, Sophie has managed to forge a happy, if unconventional life with Ahran.  But just as she is planning to relocate and settle permanently she is captured by British Intelligence who has an agenda quite different to the one she was expecting.  What ensues is a heart-stopping chase, where Sophie, Ahran and Toby are once again faced with further challenges and unknown enemies, putting Sophie’s newly found confidence to the test.  However, if Ahran’s love has taught her anything, it is that she possesses an inner strength which helps her weather everything that is thrown at them, that is until their best laid plans are turned upside down with catastrophic consequences.  Is Sophie as strong as she thought or are the hurdles she now faces more than she can cope with?


This is the third instalment in The Tagan Series where Sophie finds that the thing she feared most, is now the only thing that gives her hope.

Tagan's Chance - Book 4 in the Tagan Series

“Tagan’s Chance – What a ride?! Have tissues by your side and hold on! Sophie and Ahran will break your heart and then heal it again!” - Amazon Reviewer


Sophie returns to find that not everything is back to how it should be. She is now faced with her biggest challenge yet—She has six days to try to convince Ahran that he is in love with her, but even though she believes she has destiny on her side, the path to happiness is neither easy nor straightforward and Sophie finds herself being forced to accept a situation that is entirely out of her control.  On the surface, it couldn’t be more perfect, but beneath it all, it couldn’t be more wrong.


Tagan’s Chance is the last instalment in the Tagan series and Sophie must try to draw on everything she has learned since meeting Ahran.  But are some problems just too big to overcome?

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