Tagan's Child - The first book in this fast-paced and adrenaline fuelled love story with a twist, Tagan Series.



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Tagan's Child
The day after the first anniversary of her sister’s death, twenty six year old Sophie McAllister is paid an unexpected visit from a handsome stranger who delivers some disturbing news about her eight year old nephew and ward. Just when Sophie thought her life was getting back on track, she is forced to put her trust in a man with an extraordinary secret. She begins a perilous journey that not only threatens everything she holds dear, but also challenges her innermost fears. Does Sophie have the courage to defy her enemies, face her fears and open her heart to a man who promises a future that is out of this world?

What readers are saying about the Tagan series...

"Wow! Just wow!"

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"I absolutely love this book!"

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"Twists and turns at every corner."

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"If  you love the type of paranormal that doesn't have sparkly vampires, but a hot alpha alien instead then this should be your next pick."

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"Lies, unknown truths, love, grief...happiness and forgiveness.  One can dream that a happy ending is out of this world."



"I dare you to stop reading."

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